Modern platform to empower sponsors and events with comprehensive performance insights​


EVENTRON is the revolutionary platform to empower sponsors and events with comprehensive event insights​. Reveal, Understand and Expand Event Potential!​

Sponsor Collaboration​

Communicate directly between event organizers or venues with sponsors with friendly partner portal​

Data Gathering​

Capture on-site and online event KPI’s like people counting, flow, zone analysis, demographics and more​​

Event Design​

Event location optimization ensuring optimal product placement and efficient utilization of physical space for crowd flow​​


Track and evaluate marketing effectiveness​​


EVENTRON enterprise platform utilizes location-based and online data sources to collect and analyze event insights to provide transparency and predictability.​

EVENTRON Advanced Analytics Suite

Bridge the digital and physical worlds delivering new insights to enable better experiences for your customers​

EVENTRON Partner Portal​

Enable collaboration and communication of important event details, contracts and performance analytics in one location​

Zone Counters/Dwell Time/Heatmaps​​

Understanding attendee activity in the physical environment to inform layout decisions, ensuring optimal placement of product, content popularity, and efficient utilization of physical space​

People Counters​

Measure event traffic effectively in real time using video analytic software integrated to the EVENTRON platform​

Dynamic Digital Signage​​

Activate the marketing platform connecting to digital signage for the purposes of engaging and collecting visitor information


Evaluate online visitor/registrations to actual event attendees and general flow of in event traffic and the conversion to specific zones​​

About Us


Through digitization [of the attendee journey] create a more connected, richer event experience capturing data in a centralized platform.


Using the data as a basis of event performance, create transparency and accessibility of sponsorship impact, utilizing analytics for advanced contract management between sponsors and event organizers/venues.​


1) Collaboration: Enhance collaboration between sponsors and event organizers/venues​
2) Smart Contracting: Enable advanced contracting where marketing impact is a determinant of payout​
3) Advanced Analytics: Capture relevant event and sponsorship data using location-based devices and digital attendee data​

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